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Face covering, maintaining social distancing and using hand sanitiser Posted on 22 Nov 2021

On the 19th July the Government will be lifting all Covid restrictions, meaning potentially all Covid rules will be relaxed. At Swineshead Medical Group we have carefully considered the consequences of this and believe that we still need to protect our clinically vulnerable patients, who have the right to feel safe when they attend a GP surgery, and our staff. Some patients, due to their health, might not have been able to have the Covid vaccination and therefore have limited vaccine protection. These patients often need to be seen face to face and need to be protected. 

For the time being there will be no change at the GP practice and we will continue to ask patients to wear a face covering, maintain social distancing and use hand sanitiser. Staff will continue to wear PPE when seeing patients and we will continue to use eConsult. 

eConsult will be used long after this pandemic is over because this is a very effective and efficient way of doing consultations. Our telephone calls have increased by 35% over the last 6 months, even though many of our patients are using eConsult. Although the waiting room appears to have fewer patients, we are still very busy but in a different way. 

Swineshead Medical Group takes its responsibilities to patients very seriously and anticipates our patients and the wider community will want to do the same. Public Health England has recommended that visitors to the Surgery should be encouraged to wear a face covering. Entry to our building remains by appointment whilst the number of Covid cases is high. We will review our policies based on data, not dates. 

We hope you understand why we need to continue with these measures and keep the surgery a safe place to visit. All the Staff at Swineshead Medical Centre look forward to your continued support in the coming weeks. Please enjoy the summer safely.


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