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International Dry Eye Wellbeing Seminar for Patients Posted on 22 Nov 2021

Event: International Dry Eye Wellbeing Seminar for Patients

Date: 31st July 2021

Time: 2pm – 5.20pm

Location: Virtual

Do I have to pay to attend this event? No this is a free educational event

Wil this event be all about Scope products? No, this is a free virtual patient non promotional educational event to inform, educate and support patients. Brought to you by a passionate group of Health Care Professionals and the Scope Educational & Medical Team

Audience - Patients

How do I register? Please register using this link

International Dry Eye Wellbeing Seminar for Patients

I am a Scope customer, can I attend? Of course, the more the merrier, please do also extend the invitation to your patients as well


  • Rebecca Petris, Founder & Executive Director, The Dry Eye Foundation
  • Laura M Periman MD
  • Dr Pam Theriot
  • Dr Michael Gross
  • Arthur Cummings
  • Professor James Wolfson
  • Nick Rummney


  • Dry Eye Disease and Mental Health with the Dry Eye Foundation
  • Ask the Expert with Laura M Periman
  • Managing Dry Eye Disease with Dr Michael Gross
  • Daily Tips to Alleviate Dry Eye Disease with Dr Pam Theriot
  • Virtual Clinic Tours with Arthur Cummings, James Wolfson, Nick Rummney

Do I have to attend the full event? No, everyone who registers for the event will receive more detail on session times nearer the day. This will ensure you can make the sessions that mean the most to you.


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